I think everyone one remembers the scene from sister act two, where we see whoopi Goldberg telling her students”if you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention”.

This was actually said over twenty years ago but have we as individuals ever sat down to understand it’s meaning? I don’t think we have.

If you want to be somebody in life, you have to sit up and pay attention to the little things that can push you to greatness in life. Obstacles will surely come but always be focused on your goals, on what you want to achieve. Whenever you walk, do you look down or do you look straight ahead being mindful not to fall down? That’s just how you focus even in life.

Set your mind straight ahead towards your goals and not on obstacles because the goals keep you going in life. You just have to pay attention. Muhammed ali once said”what keeps me going is goals”.

You know it is actually funny that even in a comedy like sister act there was still one thing that it taught us”To become somebody in life, you have to listen and you’ve got to pay attention”

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