“What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming”.

-Muhammad Ali.

In his book, TEN EXCITING KEYS TO SUCCESS, Bill Newmann outlined fundamental keys that are beneficial in unlocking the power an individual has, to live a successful life.

Today, I’ll be looking at one of the keys titled: CONTROL YOUR THOUGHT LIFE.If you look closely, there are two key words there,’CONTROL’ and ‘THOUGHT’. To control means to exercise influence or take authority over something or someone. Thought is seen as a way of thinking. When combined together to create a new meaning,in statement, you have; ‘TAKE AUTHORITY OVER THE WAY YOU THINK’.

I mean, some of us have a negative attitude towards life, just because we’ve been beaten from the start thinking that we’ll never amount to much in life. Well, if you are in this category of people, I’ll advice you to snap out of it!!!

Bill Newmann tells us in his book; “If you don’t control your thought life, you will be a slave of your surroundings”. He also tells us, “The choice is ours whether our thoughts will be constructive or destructive and will determine the ultimate result of our lives”.

Along the way, I was able to make out on my own, three basic steps to controlling your thought life;


In his book, THINK BIG, Ben Carson tells us “Reading activates and exercises mind”. One of the greatest ways to develop your mind is through reading.

Try to read Inspirational and motivational books or articles at least, once or twice a week. Read stories from other people on how they pushed forward in life despite challenges. Read books and articles on how to think positively.

I’ll recommend this books, ‘THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING’ By Norman Vincent Pearl and ‘WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH’ By Joe Stowell.


Trust me when I say, we’ll always have to fight this three enemies every single day. Bill Newmann in his book, tells us that they are the three worst mental enemies that we’ll have to fight and conquer.

If we don’t learn to conquer them, they’ll control us and waste the time that would have been used for other things.


No matter how good or nice you are, people will always look for something bad to say about you. We are all guilty of it and we have all experienced it.

Don’t live your life based mainly on other peoples acceptance of you. If people don’t like the real you,then find other people that will like you for who you really are. Someone once said,”If you live on people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection”.

Yes, what people say about you matters sometimes but you’ve got to have a mind of your own, so that you won’t be pulled down by the negative talks of people.

There are other steps to controlling your thoughts.I choose this three because I’ve seen how well it worked for me. I believe it will also work out for you, if you’re going through the same experience.

I’ll really like to hear what you think and your contributions as well. So guys, till next time.


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