It’s been over a week now, since George Floyd was killed in broad daylight in Minnesota, and yet, we still await the due justice he deserves. To be honest, seeing the pictures and videos taken on the crime, was so disgusting. I constantly asked myself “How would I have felt, if I were in his position”? Telling the police officers, the ones we expect to protect and guide our lives, that “I CAN’T BREATHE”. And then, being helpless as I lay on the ground, while the police officer, the one I expect to protect me, kneels on my neck for more than 8 minutes and watches me beg for breath and then die.

Can you even imagine what must have been going on, in the heads of those police officers? To be honest, aren’t you even wondering if they have a conscience? How can you kneel on the neck of your fellow human being, put your hands in your pockets and watch him die!!!!!!!! Who does that? I’ll tell you who: a wicked soul, a murderer, a monster, a sadist and a racist. One who has hatred for his fellow human being, just because of the colour of his skin, just because of his race.

To me, we are all human beings created in the same image and manner. Everything about us is the same. God just gave us different skin colours only for distinction. Our skin colour doesn’t determine what we’ll become, it doesn’t determine our character and it most certainly doesn’t determine our achievements in life.

Our common tribe, Humanity, is at the verge of extinction due to the covid 19. That’s what we have been and should be protecting ourselves from, but now, we also have to protect ourselves from people who hate us because of our skin colour. Let me make something clear; Not all blacks are racists, Not all whites are racists. Not all racists are white, Not all racists are black.

There are people out there, who when arrested have, a 50/50 percent chance of getting murdered in the process because of their colour. The colour barriers have been broken already years ago, especially in the entertainment industry. But I don’t think that barrier has been completely broken yet.

Dear readers, now’s the time to stand up for those who are victims of this challenge. Now’s the time to say “It’s now or never, let’s end this”. Now’s the time to say “We stand against racism” ,”We stand against injustice”, “We stand for equality” and “We stand with the black and white communities everywhere”.

It’s now or never people. It’s time for us to stand united for the less privileged ones in our society and lend them a helping hand. Not because you were told to, not because it’s what others are doing, but because, it’s the right thing to do.

8 replies on “IT’S NOW OR NEVER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!”

It’s really eye opening and humbling to realize that I am privileged just because of the colour of my skin. It’s heartbreaking to see what is happening in the world and I am ashamed to say that until recently, I didn’t think it was my problem because it didn’t affect me. It’s a uphill battle but I am hopeful there will be some good that comes out of all of this. Thank you for posting this

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Very powerful words. Asking questions really helps us to think about our own role in supporting this movement. A very profound post xxx

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