My 10 Favourite Feelings!!!

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a nice day. Sorry for the delay in this post, I would have posted it earlier but I’ve been busy lately. I was nominated for this tag by Hemalatha Ramesh of Thank you so much Hema. Do check out her site by clicking on the link above. I hope you like it just as much as I do.


Just list out your ten favourite feelings!! It’s really that simple.

Thanks once again hema. Here are my ten favourite feelings;

  1. Listening to music.

Listening to music makes me feel good wherever I’m stressed out or feeling bad. When I feel that way, I’ll just put on a motivational song and plug in my earphones. I always feel relaxed after doing so. Other times, I listen to it to enjoy myself when I’m less busy.

2. Reading.

This should be my main favourite feeling. Reading takes me to places that I’ve never been to before. It helps me to just take my mind off the real world, as I enter into the one of the story character.

3. Nature.

Gazing at tall trees and feeling the fresh breeze on my face really makes me feel good. I feel at peace with myself when I see nature and the fresh air helps to calm me. The creativity of God is so phenomenal.

4. Singing.

This is one hobby of mine that really makes me feel good. I do it in my free time and it really gives me a chance to explore the voice given to me by God.

5. Dancing.

Ha ha ha. I don’t do this in public as I can’t really dance professionally. But free styling at home is really fun. Any body can dance. We all have our own unique way of doing so.

6. Writing.

I believe that after reading, this should be my second favourite feeling. Whenever I write, I let go of everything else and just put my thoughts into what I’m doing. Just like writing the lyrics of a song, I channel all my feelings into what I’m writing.

7. Eating the right things.

It may sound weird but I actually feel good when I do this. I feel good when I do this because it’s for my own benefit. Staying healthy should be a main goal for everyone.

8. Blogging.

Well, I believe that this is quite obvious. Blogging helps me to connect with bloggers and rub minds on deep issues.

9. Learning a new skill.

I developed this feeling during this lockdown. With this lockdown, I’ve been able to learn new skills like cake making, cake decorating and photography.

10. Sleeping.

It may sound weird as everyone does it. But for me personally, it helps to rejuvenate me. I just feel good when I have a good sleep.

So there you have it guys, my ten favourite feelings!! Thank you once again Hema.

I nominate all my followers and fellow bloggers for this tag. Feel free to accept. Have a nice day ahead and stay safe.

21 replies on “My 10 Favourite Feelings!!!”

Same thing here. My type of music also depends on my mood. Tidying up should also be a part of my favourite feelings, maybe number 11. Thank you for sharing your thoughtsβ™‘β™₯


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