Human Rights.

For today, I’ll be giving an introduction on the series of posts I’ll be writing, about human rights. I know it may sound strange as we all know our rights as individuals, but recent happenings in the world has made me to reflect on it. And as you know, this wouldn’t be my first time of talking about human rights. We have seen the violation of human rights over the years through cases like human trafficking, slavery, rape, police brutality and many more. This is to say, it isn’t something new to us.

Human rights are understood as those fundamental and inalienable rights which a person is inherently entitled to, simply because she/he is a human being. It is inherent in all human beings, regardless of their gender, race, religion, age or any other status.

In 1948, the UDHR (Universal declaration of human rights) was brought into place. Adopted by the united nations general assembly in 1948, it was the first document listing the thirty rights to which everyone is entitled to. Human rights are protected by the law and therefore, they protect every individual and group in the society.

Aside from the Covid -19 pandemic and the unexpected deaths of people, we have witnessed the violation of our human rights through cases like police brutality, rape and racism this year. It all started with the shooting and murder of Breonna Taylor in March, the murder of George Floyd in May, the rape and murder of Vera Omozua and every other victim of rape, and most recently, the shooting of Jacob Blake in August. These violation of rights and the brutal killing of people has led to the black lives matter protest, say no to rape protest and many more around the world.

As I said, this is just an introduction. In my next post, I’ll be going into details about human rights, why they matter in the society and why we should talk about them.

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