Never have I ever book tag.

Hey guys πŸ–οΈ, happy new year to everyone once again. I was recently tagged for a fun book tag by Anushka. Thanks a lot Anushka, I really appreciate it. She’s a wonderful and an amazing blogger. Do check out her blogπŸ‘‡ I hope you like it, just as much as I do.

The rules:

  • Link back to the original creator, Madame Writer.
  • Link back to the person who tagged you or the blog where you first saw the tag.
  • Answer all prompts.
  • Add one more prompt of your own.
  • Tag at least 5 people.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Have fun.

If my answer is yes, I’ll get one point. If it’s no, then I’ll nothing. I’ve got 16 prompts, let’s begin with the answers.

1. Never have i ever read a later book in a series before reading the first book.

Ans: Yes i have. I have only done it once actually.

2. Never have i ever burned a book.

Ans: To be honest, i have. There was a novel i wasn’t allowed to read years back because of my age. So, i had to burn it🀷.

3. Never have i ever read a book i know i would hate.

Ans: πŸ€” I won’t use the word hate exactly. I disliked the book( it was so boring πŸ˜’). But I had to read it because it was recommended for our English class.

4. Never have I ever wrote a fanfiction about my favorite books.

Ans: No I haven’t.

5. Never have I loved a book when I was young and hated it when I got older.

Ans: No I have never.

6. Never have I ever dressed up as one of my favorite literary characters.

Ans: No I haven’t, but I’ll like to try it one day.

7. Never have I ever hated a book by an author I love.

Ans: No, I have never.

8. Never have I gone into a book store to buy one book and came out with many.

Ans. I don’t really go often to book stores to buy the books I read. So i don’t really recall having such an experience.

9. Never have I ever read the end of a book before reading the book.

Ans: Yes, I have. Not so often, but just a few times😏.

10. Never have I read a book without the dust cover.

Ans: Yes I have but it isn’t something I’ll recommend. It’s best to read with the dust cover to avoid damages on the book.

11. Never have I ever skim read nearly half a book.

Ans: I have done it multiple times 😁.

12. Never have I ever spoiled a book for someone.

Ans: Yes I have. It wasn’t done intentionally.

13. Never have I ever seen the movie before reading the book.

Ans: Yes I have, but only once.

14. Never have I ever lost a book.

Ans: Not that I recall.

15. Never have I read a book upside down.

Ans: I don’t think I have.

I got 9/16. I guess I tried πŸ€”.

Here’s my own prompt.

Never have I ever borrowed a book from someone and didn’t return it for a long time.

Ans: I’ve done this before and the person didn’t really mind. But it isn’t something I’ll encourage anyone to do everytime, especially if you want that person to borrow you again, in your next time of need.

I tag you πŸ‘Š

To anyone reading this, I tag you. Feel free to accept it 😊. Happy new month and a happy new year to everyone 😎.

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