Hello June.

Hello guys and welcome to the month of June!!! Taking a look back at the last month, we can say that May was a good month. We got to celebrate Workers day on the 1st, then the international nurses day on the 12th and of course, children’s day on the 27th. But also in May, we lost some people due to the insecurity here in Nigeria, the fight between Israel and Palestine, two military plane crashes here in Nigeria, the covid 19 pandemic and many bad events that occurred We can only hope for the best, as we go through this year.

Being the sixth month in the year, June is the second of four months to have a length of 30 days. Here are the list of events being observed in June.

June 1- Global day of parents.

June 1- World Milk Day.

June 3- World Bicycle Day.

June 5- World Environment Day.

June 8- World ocean Day.

June 12- World Day against child labour.

June 13- International Albinism Awareness Day.

June 14- World Blood Donor Day.

June 16- International Day of the African child.

June 19- World sickle cell Day.

June 21- International yoga Day.

June 23- International widows Day.

June 25- World Vitiligo Day.

June 26- World Refrigeration Day.

Happy new month once again guys. Stay safe🤗.

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