World Day Against Child Labour.

“Child labour refers to the abuse of children or minors (under 18), through any form of work or conditions considered inhumane and harmful to their mental, physical, social and moral well being”.

Having being in existence for a long time, child labour is something that no child, be it male/female, has to ever go through. It is absolutely dehumanizing and a clear violation of human rights. It directly interferes with the childhood of the child and tends to have a psychological effect on that child. Many factors are to be blamed for the continual practice of this viscous act which includes;

  • High level of poverty: Many children are given out by their parents to work for someone mainly because of the fact, that there is no money.
  • Cultural beliefs: In many cultures, the education of a girl isn’t really valued, therefore she is pushed into child labour, in the form of domestic work at a young age.
  • Unemployment.
  • Inadequate enforcement of laws against it.
  • Limited access to schools and more.

Sometimes, the children are even employed by their parents or relations instead of strangers. Forms of child labour may include; prostitution, working long hours on farms or in factories, mining and many more.

Having the theme of “ACT NOW” this year, the world day against child labour was first launched in 2002. Observed every year on the 12th of June, the day is aimed at raising activism and awareness against child labour. Although prohibited by the law, child labour is still being practiced today. Thankfully, we have organisations like the international labour organisation(ILO) today, which is a United Nations agency that looks into affairs concerning unlawful labour practices and is considered a major contributor to the international labour law.

I also believe that we all have a part to play in raising the awareness in the society. It is our duty to report any one being involved in child labour and speak up against it whenever it arises in our various society. Now, is the time to act!!

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