Hello August.

Welcome once again to another new month guys!! This year has gone by so fast that in a few months time, we will be saying farewell to 2021 and shouting happy new year 2022. Looking back in time, we can only be grateful for how far we’ve come from the issues of the past year.

I remember going through YouTube and coming across a cover of Tom Walkers “Leave a light on” by a YouTube singer called N.E.S.A, which reminded me that there is always hope even when everything looks blank. Just the same way we all found hope during the pandemic last year. You can check out her YouTube channel here👉

Being the 8th month of the year, August is the fifth of seven months to have a length of 31 days. Here are a list of events being observed in August;

August 1- World scout scarf day.

August 2- International forgiveness day (Moveable observance)

August 8- Happiness happens day.

August 8- International cat day.

August 10- International biodiesel day.

August 12- World elephant day.

August 13- International lefthanders day.

August 18- Bad poetry day.

August 19- World humanitarian day.

August 20- World mosquitoes day.

Happy new month everyone, stay safe👍.

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