Four steps to overcoming failure.

Failure as we all know, is something that is inevitable for everyone. Known to be the opposite of success, it is something every human being experiences at one point in our lives. I always say that sometimes in life we need a little piece of failure to get a big piece of success.

“Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved”.
By : Lao Tzu

Now, just because we all face failure doesn’t mean everyone can overcome it. Even if it’s normal to fail at something once in a while, some people find it difficult to recover from the effect. Honestly speaking, this is normal, since no one ever wants to fail. Which is why I wrote this post to talk about four steps to overcoming failure: (I’ve seen this steps being used before and they really proved to be helpful).

1. Acceptance.

You can not overcome something, when you’ve not accepted that it happened. Holding on to the past and refusing to accept what happened, will only draw you back and prevent you from moving forward.

Speaking from experience, refusing to accept what happened, can push you into a deep state of depression if you aren’t careful. Acceptance, helps to free your mind and your conscience. You can never forget it, but accepting it helps you to grow from your experience.

2. Remind yourself that you’re only human.

Sometimes when people fail at something, they forget that one major reason, is because we’re all humans and we are bound to fail at some points in our lifetime.

We make mistakes and we fail sometimes. But we failing, doesn’t label us as failures ourselves. It just means that we’re like every other normal human being out there. The only one incapable of failing at anything is God and we can never be like him.

3. Blame no one.

Putting the blame of your failure on yourself or anybody isn’t a good step to overcoming your experience. Taking responsibility isn’t the same as blaming yourself. Taking responsibility, means you’re willing to learn your lesson and grow from it. Putting the blame on yourself, just means you want to carry the guilt of that failure with you all your life and that’s harmful to ones mental health.

What happened to you, isn’t your fault but just something that needs to happen to push you forward in life. Blaming yourself just adds to the pain of the failure. Don’t put the blame on yourself. Rather, blame no one.

4. Decide not to give up.

Deciding not to give up, shows that you’ve accepted what happened, reminded yourself that you’re only human and you’ve balmed no one. Deciding not to give up shows that you’re willing to continue in order to succeed. Not giving up in spite of failure, to try once again, is a very big step to success.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”.
By : Abraham Lincoln.

Decide not to give up. Get busy and try it again or move on to another project. We are not identified by our failures, but by how we overcome them. If your failure hasn’t killed you, than it should only make you stronger.

I’ll be stopping here for today guys. Feel free sharing your opinions in the comments section. Happy new month everyone, stay safe💖.

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