Hello September.

Welcome once again guys to another new month. September is here everyone!!! And in a few months, we will be saying goodbye to 2021. Things have happened this year and of course, this past month as well. We can only hope for the safety of everyone out there in this pandemic and most parts of world, where they are experiencing one crisis or the other. May God help us and may we pass through them all safely.

Being the ninth month of the year, September is the third of four months to have a length of 30 days. Here are a list of events being observed in September;


September 5- International charity day.

September 8- International literacy day.

September 8- World physical therapy day.

September 9- Wonderful weirdos day.

September 10- World suicide prevention day.

September 11- Remember freedom day.

September 13- International chocolate day.

September 15- Free money day.

September 18- World water monitoring day.

September 19- International talk like a pirate day.

September 21- International day of peace.

September 22- Dear diary day.

September 22- World car free day.

September 29- World heart day.

Happy new month once again everyone, stay safeπŸ’–.

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