The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

When I think of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, only one word comes to my mind and that is NATURE. Described by the dictionary as a natural world which consists of all things unaffected by human technology and design, nature is the representation of everything biological, chemical and physical in the universe. In order words, it is the very representation of life itself. Beautiful and intriguing, it is the very epitome of God’s creation. From the tall trees to the evergreen leaves, to the sweet smelling flowers, to the oceans, the deserts, the snow, the forests and the seasons, one cannot help but marvel at the sight of nature.

It is made up of the ecosystem, which refers to the interconnection of organisms with each other and their environment and is also made up of the unchanging laws of nature that guides its daily activities. The ecosystem which involves the interaction of living factors with the non-living factors in the environment, is made up of biotic and abiotic components. The biotic components includes all living things such as plants and animals. The abiotic components includes all non-living things such as, soil, rocks, sunlight, rainfall and other factors in the ecosystem. A close study of this factors just shows us how beautiful and exciting nature is. The natural laws, which derive their authority from natural order, exist in nature and are not created or made by people but by a surpreme being. Nature is so unique that no one puts this laws into place and therefore have no control over them. One particular law of nature that is common to everyone, is karma. It is a law of nature that causes an individaul to reap whatever he/she sows. Just like in biology, when you plant a mango seed, you will harvest mangoes and not corn. In order words, karma is the law of retributive justice.

Although abused by man through different ways over the years in the name of technological advancements, nature has continued to blossom, which makhes it all the more alluring. It is present in everything we see and do, from the tidal waves on the sea to the wonders of the human body, to the sprouting of new seeds in the soil, to the sun that shines and to the air we breath, nature is everywhere. Serving as an inspiration to writers, poets, artists and many others over the years, nature is one of the extraordinary blessings of human life. Whenever I walk through the tall trees and green leaves, I am reminded of the fact that despite the ugly situations in the world, there can still be beauty around me. Even though it hasn’t really been valued the way it was years ago, I believe that nature can still be appreciated more.

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