Will it ever end? A question some of us ask ourselves In this present pandemic. I mean, days go by now and we forget what day of the week it is, because every day looks like every other day.

On a normal day, some of us would have been at work. Have breakfast in the morning and maybe grab a cup of coffee on the way. We would have been at work, making plans for the company, attending board meetings, going to seminars and giving speeches. We would have been travelling from country to country, pursuing the interest of our company.

On a normal day, some of us would have been going to school. Attending classes we don’t want to attend. Doing assignments ourselves rather than copying from others. Giving funny nicknames to our teachers, because we think it’s fun. Bring phones to school even when we know it’s not permitted. Laughing and making jokes during free time, because we know, we don’t get to be young twice. So, we make happy memories that we’ll cherish forever.

On a normal day, some of us would have been travelling and exploring the world. We would have gone to the Great Pyramids of Giza, The Great Wall of China, The statue of Zeus at olympia, Victoria falls, The Eiffel tower in paris and so on. We would have travelled all over the world with friends, to fancy restaurants and fashion shows. Then, we’ll blog about it because, that’s who we are, bloggers. We share ideas and experiences to inspire someone out there.

On a normal day, some of us would have made plans to visit friends, attend school reunions, have family dinner and much more. On a normal day, some of us would have gone to church on Sundays to hear the word of God, because in it, we find all the answers we need to our problems.

Well, guess what? This isn’t a normal day anymore. Nothing is normal anymore. On a normal day, we would have been moving on the road freely without having to cover ourselves up like doctors in the theatre. Nothing is normal. We can’t move freely on the road and can only go out covered from head to toe with a face mask, a hand glove and other necessary materials. Don’t get me wrong, it is for our own good and safety. But don’t you wish for a normal day again?

Will it ever end? Yes, it will. It will because, I believe this is just another passing phase of our lives. We’ve been through tougher times before. This isn’t the first epidemic to plague the world. We went through the Spanish flu of 1918.

Also known as the 1918 flu epidemic, it was known to be an unusual deadly influenza pandemic. Lasting for 36 months; from January 1918 to December 1920, it affected 500 million people (estimated) and caused the death of 17 million100 million people(estimated). We also went through the Asian flu of 1957, The cholera epidemic and others.

I believe that everything will end one day because, there is a God above who hasn’t forgotten his people.


Will it ever end? A question some of us ask ourselves when we are faced with trials, issues and challenges in life. We constantly ask ourselves why certain things go wrong in our lives sometimes.

On a normal day, we want to believe that everthing is okay;to just go through life without suffering, without pain, just perfect. Well, let me tell you this, “WAKE UP!! THIS ISN’T LALA LAND OR A FAIRY TALE. THIS IS THE REAL WORLD AND IN THE REAL WORLD, NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. You must go through those challenges, those trials, those pains and those tribulations so that you come out strong and triumphant. When you come out of them, you won’t have any cause to go back because you’ve learnt from your mistakes; knowing where you got it wrong and willing to right your wrong. Don’t be defeated and don’t give in to it!! What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. It makes you fight a little bit harder.

“Don’t let your trials blow you down;let them lift you up”

Woodrow Kroll.

Will it ever end? Yes it will. No condition is permanent.

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