International day of the girl child.

Today, the 11th of October, marks the 8th anniversary celebration of the international day of the girl child. Brought into place in 2012, this day is marked annually to celebrate who the girl child is in the society. Also known as the “international day of the girl”, it was approved as an international observance by the United Nations and is to be celebrated every year on the 11th of October.

This yearly observance, helps to create more awareness on the gender inequality that girls around the world face, just because of their gender and also helps to support more opportunities for the girl child. These inequalities faced by the girl child, may include areas like, forced child marriage, violence against women, limited access to education, limited access to medical care and many more.

The theme for this year’s celebration is; “My voice, our equal future”. To celebrate this day, girls are always invited to seminars, where they will taught the importance of being a girl child. Due to the present pandemic, no seminars will be held at centers but will be held online. So, let’s take this time to celebrate girls all around the world and the accomplishments they’ve made. We have young girls around the world who are successfully trying to put themselves where they want to be, regardless of what people say. When they are given the opportunities they deserve, they can help to impact not only their communities, but also the world at large. They are fighting for equality and therefore, we have to encourage them and also fight with them. We can only have a better world, when we have equal rights and gender equality. Equality for one, is equality for all✊✊.

Happy international day of the girl child 🎊🎊🎊.

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