One of my teachers in school always said”NO MOUNTAIN IS TOO HIGH, NO ROCK IS TOO HARD TO CRACK, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!”I’m gonna call him Mr O. Mr O encouraged us to write this at the back of our notebooks, so that whenever we doubted our abilities, we would look at it and be motivated. He called it the motto of the class and to be honest, it actually was.

To be frank, believing in oneself takes time. But the best thing about being oneself is that it instills in you a self confident spirit which trying to be another person cannot give you. Whenever we experience fear for different things, we are faced with a greater question, WHERE IS COURAGE WITHOUT FEAR? We must always remember this COURAGE IS THE MASTERY OF FEAR, NOT THE ABSENCE OF IT.

The confidence, the strength and the courage we need to face certain crisis first starts from being afraid . And trust me, it’s quite normal. I know there are times when you just feel like seating in a corner and crying your eyes out. Trust me, I’ve been there, I’ve done it, so I know how it feels. We may sometimes be afraid of what the future might hold, if it will be just like the past. But then we forget that even if we cannot help the past, we can surely change the future.

I remember asking a friend of mine about the meaning of fear and do you know what he said? He said that it was an acronym which stands for: F (face) E (everything) A (and) R (run). I didn’t take him serious at first but then I saw meaning in what he said. Fear isn’t just being afraid of something or having low esteem. But when it is well contained, it is seen as the birth place of believe, courage and determination. The only person you should be afraid of is yourself. The only thing that you should fear is nothing.


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