Hello April.

Hello and welcome to the month of April. So far, so good, we can all say that this year has been going well for some, while for some others, not so well. We just finished the first quarter of the year and I can tell you that the Covid 19 conditions have been far more better than that of 2020. Looking back at this time last year, we were all under strict lockdown because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Now, we have vaccines coming up from different pharmaceutical companies around the world; something that wasn’t feasible by this time last year.

Looking back at the month of March, here in Nigeria, we received our first batch of the Covid 19 vaccines from India. Thanks to this vaccines, medical personnels are trying their very best to study it and create new ones for the country.

Being the fourth month of the year, April is the first of four months, to have a length of 30 days. Commonly associated with the seasons of autumn and spring, April’s birthstone is the diamond. Here are the list of observances being observed this month;

April 1.

  • April Fool’s Day.
  • Edible Book Day.

April 2.

  • International Children’s Book Day.
  • World Autism Awareness Day.

April 4.

  • International Day For Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine action.

April 7.

  • World Health Day.

April 10.

  • Siblings Day.

April 12.

  • International Day of Human Space Flight.

April 15.

  • Universal Day of Culture.
  • World Art Day.

April 16.

  • World Voice Day.

April 18.

  • International Day For Monuments and Sites.
  • Pet Owner’s Independent Day.

April 22.

  • International Mother Earth Day.

April 23.

  • World Book Day.
  • UN English Language Day.

April 24.

  • Fashion Revolution Day.
  • International Sculpture Day.
  • World Day for Laboratory Animals.

April 25.

  • DNA Day.
  • World Malaria Day.

April 26.

  • Hug A Friend Day.
  • World Intellectual Property Day.

April 29.

  • International Dance Day.

April 30.

  • International Jazz Day.

Happy new month everyone 🎉🎉. Step by step, we will get through this pandemic. Remember, all we need is hope, and for that, we have each other. Mask up😷 and stay safe guys💖💖.

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